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Interactive tools built to suprise and delight your clients and visitors.

Exceptional Tools for Meeting Planner Clients

Set your destination apart with digital tools that exceed the expectations of your Meeting Planning clients.


-A Best-In-Class Venue Catalog
-AI-powered Mini Sites for all Meetings
-Convention-Co-Branded Check-In Challenges
-AI-Enhanced RFP Tool
and more.

Our interactive tools drive engagement and streamline the planning process.
See for yourself how these features, built for CVB's, support the meeting planning process from RFP to attendance building.
Venue Catalog
Empower planners to filter, search, sort and discover venues that fit their event criteria. Display detailed capacity and amenity information. Print lists for beautiful site-visit packets.
Convention MiniSites
With Winistry's powerful rules engine, MiniSites are created dynamically for all Meetings in your CRM. Now you can help build anticipation for all upcoming events and drive attendance numbers.
RFP Tool
Streamline your RFP process with our AI-powered RFP Tool that integrates directly with your existing CRM. Enable prospective planners to create venue lists and add them to the RRP with one click.
Event Planner Tools
Add venues found in the catalog to lists created for specific events. Share lists back and forth with planners as you collaborate on sourcing the best-suited locations.
Convention Mobile App
Winistry's AI-powered rules engine makes it possible to dynamically generate a convention co-branded experience of your mobile app for convention goers.
Show Floor Check In Challenges
Provide conventions with a custom Check-In Challenge either on the Show Floor (to visit a series of booths) or at restaurants and attractions close to the convention center.
We can consistently depend on Winistry for creativity, innovation, collaboration and excellence.
Sheretha Bell
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Brand Strategy at Atlanta CVB & Discover Atlanta
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The Winistry platform delivers cutting-edge features and the analytics to prove they're driving results.

Trip Planning
Save restaurants, hotels, and attractions to itinerary lists and view them on the map of your next adventure.
Check-In Challenges
Drive engagement with your destination by rewarding check-ins at a curated set of points of interest.
Encourage repeat web and app visits and capture first-party data with interactive quizzes.
Offer exclusive discounts to your audience. Ensure single redemption with our secure, account-based coupon wallet
Loyalty Management
Reward desired activities and nurture relationships with  points that can be redeemed for discounts. or freebies.
Present missions that encourage behaviors and reward users with recognition for achieving milestones.
Proximity Marketing
Using geofencing and  location to send automated send push notifications alerting users of deals nearby.
Mission Walls
Present  tasks to users that encourage desired actions like sharing, subscribing, joining, and launching the app daily.
Push Notifications
Re-engage users with great deals or fresh content. Set up logic-based notifications and schedule marketing pushes.
Features integrate seamlessly and provide interactive, user-focused digital experiences
Capture First-Party Data to Build Relationships Over Time
Winistry provides fun, interactive ways to engage and entertain visitors and capture first-party data.

Capture data like:
-Opt-in contact Information
-Future Travel Plans
-Favorited content
-Knowledge or opinions

Use our AI-powered platform to build relationships with your visitors over time that help them maximize every stay.

Winistry's features integrate with your existing infrastructure or can replace it.
Real-time data for un-matched personalization
At Winistry, we built a platform to power mobile games. Now we leverage that technology to create unique digital experiences.

That's why Winistry is the solution for DMO’s and CVB’s who want to deepen their relationship with visitors, meeting planners, and members, alike.

AI-powered, real-time personalization is central to everything we do.

Transform your online and mobile presence by leading visitors to exactly what they want to know most about your destination.

No other platform delivers this level of real-time personalization.

Find out how the Winistry platform can support your organization in reaching its goals.

"The Winistry team delivered an innovative mobile app for our visitors in record time. Their web automation features save time and money, enhance our sales process, and provide much-needed tools for our event planners."

Andrew Wilson
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau