ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY For personalized DIgital Experiences

The AI-Powered Mobile App & Website Platform for Destination Marketing Organizations

Built by gaming industry experts, the Winistry platforms delivers rapid development of customized mobile and web apps that level up your  destination's digital presence. Engage visitors with digital experiences that are personalized, gamified, and multi-platform, without breaking the bank or taking months to create.


Your Destination Deserves Its Own App

Winistry rapidly builds custom, native mobile apps that are integrated with the data and content you already host on platforms like Simpleview. Users of your app can access their saved favorites on any device and receive push notifications focused on their interests.

Keep your destination in your visitor's pocket and bring them back to your content with push notifications. Your meeting attendees can receive special push notifications that pertain to their convention and events around the dates they'll be in town.


Visitors can create their own lists for different getaways at your destination. They name the getaway list and save restaurants, hotels, attractions, and events to each one they create. They can share their lists with loved ones and share app content on social media.


Create landing lobbies that are tailored to the interests of each user. The onboarding sequence in the app ensures that each user is presented with the content that is relevant to them. As they indicate other preferences while using the app, content presented continues to adapt. Notifications also follow rules based on the user's profile.


Schedule pop-up dialogs that spotlight different members, events, or promotions. Host dining gift card giveaways right in the app! The Winistry dashboard enables you to set up and schedule giveaway screens and then run reports to pick a winner. Metrics can then be reported back to the vendor who sponsored the giveaway to indicate engagement.



At Winistry, we've spent years studying how players engage with mobile games and we've learned what creates a sticky experience. All of the mechanisms we've built to keep players coming back are available to you when your app is built on our platform.

Then, you can quickly create custom Check-In Challenges for any grouping of your members, from Family-Friendly Attractions to the Best Rooftop Bars. DMO's that use Simpleview can set up a Check-in Challenge in the time it takes to add a flag to members in the database.

Our location-based Check-In Challenges don't require any integration with a members' point of sale nor do they require any action by their staff.  

Players in the Challenge can level up, earn badges, and with the real-time leaderboard, can compete with friends.

Other platform features make it possible to reward visitors for launching the app every day or to present a special pop-up coupon after they've checked-in at a certain number of attractions. Create sweepstakes where users gain one entry for every check-in they complete and then give away one Grand Prize or lots of smaller ones. These are just a few of your options. Schedule a demo to learn how a Check-In Challenge can advance your DMO's goals.

Cutting-Edge Digital Tools For Your Meeting Planners

Provide your Convention Sales and Services teams with interactive, digital tools that drive engagement with Meeting Planners and streamline the planning process. Help Meeting Planners grow their attendee base and then welcome their attendees to your city or region with tailored digital experiences powered by the Winistry platform.
VEnue Catalog

Piping in data from your existing membership database, or using our CRM, Winistry will power your catalog of venues with filtering, sorting, search, and multi-list favoriting built right in. All users of the site can create an account and save (and share) their favorites.

Custom Venue Catalog

Want to spin up a venue catalog with a specific subset of your member restaurants and venues, just for one client? The Winistry platform enables rapid production of mini-venue catalogs that can be branded around a major event, like a national sporting event.

convention MicroSites

Provide your Meeting Planners with a custom microsite to engage their attendees around the exciting things to do while in town. Convention microsites can contain special offers associated with the meeting as well as  information relevant to the dates of the conference.

convention MObile App

Your organization's mobile app can include branding for specific conventions so that conference goers feel a special welcome to your city when they install and launch. Special offers and promotions can be made available to those attending a specific convention.


Your organization's mobile app can include branding for a specific member, like a hotel that only guests can see. Hotels can sell packages that include discounts on tickets to other member attractions. Guests use a QR code to install this special version of your app.


Spin up a special itinerary for convention goers and present them with their own Check-in Challenge inside of the convention co-branded mobile app. Convention goers can compete with one another on the leaderboard and earn prizes.

Provide visitors with a personalized digital journey

Websites and mobile apps powered by the Winistry platform enjoy built-in personalization features that ensure  content is tailored to the interests of each visitor.
AI-Powered, Real-Time Rules Engine

Keep the focus on your visitors and their experiences by presenting content that is tailored to their preferences, behavior, and demographics. No other platform delivers this level of real-time personalization.

Favoriting lists

Visitors to your site and mobile app can plan their stays in your destination by saving restaurants, hotels, attractions, events, and blog posts to favorites lists in categories they create for themselves. They can share their lists with fellow travelers.


Want to put a CVB Member in front of visitors who are interested in what they offer? The Winistry platform puts the power of AI in your hands so that Pop-ups with special offers are only shown to users who are likely to engage with that content.

Unified Desktop & Mobile Experience

Users can create an account that is accessible to them on your website and in your mobile app. That way, they can plan on Desktop, and carry their favorites with them in their pocket. Your native mobile app can be published on the iOS Appstore, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore.

Push Notifications

Keep your audience engaged with timely and relevant push notifications. Write and schedule notifications directly from your Winistry dashboard. Define rules for generating auto-notifications as well. Users can set their preferences in the app. Offer push notification feature to your CVB membership.

Your Content, Your Way

You've spent years building up a database of members and a collection of valuable articles and blog posts. Winistry can hook up to your existing CMS and DAM to present your content powered by our future-proof platform. We've integrated with Simpleview, Cloudenary, Newscred/Welcome, Wordpress, and others.

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CEO at Black Dunes Design

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Jonathon Black
CEO at Black Dunes Design

No other platform delivers this level of real-time personalization.

Find out how the Winistry platform can support your organization in reaching its goals.


"The Winistry team delivered an innovative mobile app for our visitors in record time. Their web automation features streamline our workflows saving time and money and the web apps they’ve created for our Convention Services team enhance our sales process and provide much-needed tools for our event planners."

Andrew Wilson
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau